Furniture Removals

Furniture Removals

Furniture Removals in Johannesburg

Remember good old-fashioned service? It’s so hard to find these days. Good old-fashioned service is what Furniture Removals is all about and that’s our secret to surviving many years as furniture removals in Johannesburg.

We pride ourselves on honesty and genuinely value every one of our clients. We are proud to say that our clients love us, because of the special attention we give to every home or office move and that makes us truly love what we do!

Although the heart of our business is home removals in Johannesburg, we are also experts in office removals. Our clients are made up of an interesting mix of residential, retail, corporate and government customers. We do not limit our services to Johannesburg either, and cover all suburbs and the surrounds of Johannesburg including rural areas.

We know how tough it is finding quality Johannesburg furniture removals. Sadly, we hear too many horror stories from our client’s previous experiences. We are happy to hold your hand through the entire relocation process if that is what you’re after, or you can let us take the lead in the knowledge that we are fantastic in what we do, you choose. After all, we’ve made sure that our team is made up of highly skilled removals (we are more like spatial engineers!).

Hard working people with a proven track record of trust, experience and reliability. We are well-groomed, polite, funny and friendly. Moving does not need to be stressful and hard. It doesn’t get any better for furniture removals Johannesburg!

Everything we do is based on professionalism and transparency. There are no hidden fees and charges. We provide all our clients with written quotations which are crystal clear, and you deal with the owner, from the time of the booking and on the day of the move. Our clients say that is the greatest thing about us. They know whom they will be getting on the day of their move, and they have already established a rapport with the owner, before we even get to meet in person. There are no surprises on move day!

We’ve also been told that supporting small business is top-of-mind today when making a purchasing decision. That makes us want to sing and leap. We love being busy and moving Johannesburg.
For this reason, we have kept our successful Johannesburg removals business small enough to make you feel looked after, but large enough to cater for all of your removal needs whether it’s for your home or business.

Professional Furniture Removals in Johannesburg are a Phone Call Away
When the same old furniture removals just won’t do, Furniture Removals is here. We understand that you are looking for exceptional service when you are seeking out a service for your local and interstate furniture removals and that is just what you will receive when working with our expert team. We can not only supply a truck for use, we are also able to supply professionals who are experts at furniture removal.

They have been fully trained, they are insured, and they will treat your belongings as if they were their own. Can other furniture removal company in Johannesburg offer this type of service for the same price? Not a chance!

Don’t Try to Remove Furniture on Your Own – Call Furniture Removals
Too many people in the Johannesburg area attempt furniture removals on their own which usually leads to injuries, broken furniture and even holes in the walls due to overzealous friends. Instead of risking all of that, when you are planning any type of furniture removals in Johannesburg, count on a professional team.

At Furniture Removals we can offer:
• A strong, professional team who is specifically trained in Johannesburg furniture removals
• Low, affordable prices both within Johannesburg area as well as for long distance moves
• Punctual, personalised service that you can count on

Instead of attempting to remove furniture on your own or calling in a group of friends, let the experts at Furniture Removals help you out. With our cost effective, competitive pricing and high-quality services, there is no need to go anywhere else when you need furniture removals in Johannesburg because we are your people.

Whether you are moving locally, different province and internationally, we offer a full service for your home or office including:
• packing & unpacking (incl. overseas containers)
• dismantling & reassembly of furniture and appliances (including plumbing-in of whitegoods)
• supply of porta-robes for your wardrobe (no need to pack your hanging clothes!)
• all items are wrapped appropriately
• antiques
• fine art
• pianos
• outdoor furniture
• play equipment
• storage advice to suit your budget
• supply of packing materials
• advice on moving your beloved pets safely

Furniture Removals is 100% committed to:
• Providing a comprehensive range of seamless door-to-door removal services, delivering stress-free moves for peace of mind
• Delivering attentive, superior customer service throughout your move
• Providing highly trained, reliable professional packers and removers who will handle your treasures with the utmost care
• Moving your treasures safely with our Guardian Packing System (including custom designed moving boxes and packing material) and purpose-built reinforced steel containers that provide optimum protection while in transit and storage
• Ensuring your treasures are secure, with the most advanced undercover secure storage facilities in the southern hemisphere, and our four-level security protection system.

Why Choose Furniture Removals as your Johannesburg Removers?

For moving peace of mind, choose Furniture Removals to ensure that:
• Your treasures will be moved with care
• Your treasures will be moved with trust
• Your treasures will be moved stress-free
• Your treasures will be moved safely
• Your treasures will be moved affordably
• Your treasures will be stored securely

Our Removals and Storage Services
Furniture Removal’s friendly team of Johannesburg Removers will make your move stress-free and help deliver your treasures safely. Our superior moving services include:
• Local / Country Moving
• Moving Overseas
• Secure Storage
• Insurance
• Packing
• Moving Boxes
• Valet Services
• Car Transport
• Pet Transport and Boarding
• Ancillary Services

We can deliver services to all types of customer requirements for movers country wide and beyond. For your peace of mind while your precious belongings are being handled, or are on the road, we have our whole system insured. Our meticulously trained and highly experienced professionals pick each item with utmost care before packing it safely in appropriate boxes. The slightest mistake in placement of delicate items can damage them.

Following established coding principles, we make sure things are placed in the proper direction. Boxes are placed in vehicles keeping in view their load bearing properties. Things come out of boxes in pristine condition as if these were never shifted from their original place.

A successful removal job requires a belief in quality and service. Furniture Removals is respected among all Johannesburg Removers for its attention to detail and adherence to strict quality standards in Removal Science.

No job is small in our eyes. Our clients are delighted when they find their precious belongings arrive at their new destination on time, without the slightest sign of being moved. Our professional staff takes pride in its work and is trained to perform all tasks with equal importance and dedication.

In this competitive business, there are reasons why you will find Furniture Removals referred by most people. Our excellent service speaks for itself, allowing us to spend much less on advertising. Savings by relying on Word-Of-Mouth Advertising are passed on to the customers, making us one of the most Cost-Effective removers in Johannesburg that everyone can boast.

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